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Introducing John Lindberg

John is our third opinion piece author with his series "Nuclear energy - unsung and feared climate hero?", where he explores the role nuclear energy can play in the climate emergency.

John divides his time between doing his PhD on radiophobia jointly at King’s College London

and Imperial College and doing communications and policy at the World Nuclear

Association, whilst also trying to complete his MMedSci in health physics at the Sahlgrenska

Hospital in his native Sweden.

Having interned in Brussels, worked as a political adviser in the Scottish Parliament,

conducting cutting-edge nuclear research at leading environmental think tanks in London

and Berkeley, negotiated on nuclear power projects in northern Wales and represented both

the UK and the nuclear industry at the UN, John brings unique perspectives on nuclear

policy and politics, fuelled by a passion to build a stronger, fairer and cleaner tomorrow - for

all. His ambition is to make the debate around nuclear energy more accessible and open up

the conversation with people who usually wouldn’t even think about the power of the atom.

He gave a TEDx talk – “The Power to Change the World” – in 2017.

When not despairing over the effects of radiophobia or rambling on about nuclear energy to

any unsuspecting victim, John can often be found climbing mountains in Scotland, planning

trips to Nepal, watch cute dog videos dreaming of the day when he can adopt his own, or

drooling over the latest bit of hiking kit he’s got his eyes set on.

You can find John on LinkedIn, or on Twitter.


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