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Today is the launch of the online knowledge platform “The Empowered Atom”, a space for critical thinking, collaboration and information regarding climate change. My name is Sannah van Balen and I want to bridge the gap between the technical world and the rest of society, with the aim of getting more people to join the conversation on climate change and the energy transition.

Back in March, I gave my first-ever TEDx talk on Nuclear Energy and its role in combatting climate change. The responses I received were incredibly positive and humbling. I started brainstorming and thinking about what I, with my expertise and interests, could do. The idea of a multidisciplinary knowledge platform arose. First in the form of a think-tank and then in the form of an online platform. I knew for certain I wanted to reach as many people as possible from different walks of life – not an easy thing to do.

Traditionally, knowledge is transferred one-directionally (from expert to other) and in a style comfortable to the expert. We know now that knowledge can come from everyone, not just a single expert, and should be transferred in a way stylized to the receiver. My role could therefore not be “the one and only expert” and instead I chose to act as a facilitator.

I put together all my utopian desires for the perfect multidisciplinary online platform- futuristic yet humane- and came up with “The Empowered Atom,” an environment people can join to contribute to a facilitated conversation on climate change . The leading values are: cherishing the feeling of togetherness, embracing change without fear, and trusting the strength of a science and humanity fusion.

Every month we tackle a different topic relevant to climate change and the energy transition. The topics link Science&Technology to Anthropology&Psychology to Arts&Culture. At the start of each month a fact sheet is released on the website to stimulate fact-based conversation. Different people will be invited to share their views and expertise in the form of interviews, opinion pieces, Q&A and other forms of content.

To stay up to date and see what’s coming next follow @theempoweredatom on Instagram and Facebook! I will be posting stories, videos and keep you up to date with the content on the website. If you are interested in collaborating, don’t hesitate to contact me via Instagram or Facebook.

Let’s get talking!


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jacobien kamp
jacobien kamp
Sep 11, 2019

I really hoe this will be a movement that goes viral.!

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