The Empowered Atom is a knowledge platform, created as a space for critical thinking, collaboration and information regarding climate change.  The Empowered Atom aims to facilitate the conversation on climate change in a progressive and humane environment that is  inherently multidisciplinary; it links Science&Technology to Anthropology&Psychology and Culture&Arts.


Our values include cherishing the feeling of togetherness, embracing change without fear, and trusting the strength of a science and humanity fusion. 

The project is a non-profit and  open innovation research experiment focusing on societal impact. Every month a different topic is explored relevant to climate change and the energy transition. At the start of the month a fact sheet is presented so people can have a basic understanding of the topic; this is meant to prevent arguing about facts and stimulate the thought process. People are invited to contribute in various ways (interview, Q&A, video, opinion piece etc.); the Empowered Atom is open to collaborations and co-creation.

The online platform has a website, Facebook and Instagram page. We aim to include people from all walks of life and so the topics  are widely diverse. After all climate change is omni-present and ever-present, affecting us all.


Sannah van Balen

My name is Sannah van Balen and I am the founder of the Empowered Atom.


I have a degree in Physics from the University Of Edinburgh and a Masters degree in Nuclear Energy from the University of Cambridge. 


I tend to see things a little differently to most technical experts. In my eyes, experts have an opportunity and thus responsibility to share their knowledge with society. To do so effectively, we as experts must become communicators.


Take a look a my TEDx talk below to find out how I prefer communicating about difficult topics.

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