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Op de Beeck


"Fashion sustainability and

your closet."

The way we perceive, use, and make fashion is changing as we move towards sustainability. As a consumer it is not always obvious which choices are the right ones. Pauline zooms in on current state of the fashion industry and links this back to what we can do with our individual closets.

As the Carbon Trust's lead on sustainable fashion, Pauline helps the industry overcome multiple challenges including resource constraints, supply chain transparency and their need to adopt business model innovation. In recognition of this, she is part of Forbes 30 under 30 2020 cohort in the Retail & E-commerce category - congratulations Pauline!

Pauline regularly speaks at conferences on the topic of sustainable fashion such as the Financial Times Future of Retail Summit and the Royal Geographic Society. Pauline has an MA in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc with distinction in Environmental Policy and Regulations from the London School of Economics.


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