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A Revolutionary Week For Climate Action

This week, 20-27 September, is completely dedicated to Climate Action. Climate strikes will be taking place all over the world, mobilising millions of young people and adults that refuse to accept the status quo. Over the last year, school climate strikers have been leaving their classrooms every Friday – following Greta Thunberg’s example and joining her Fridays For Future movement. Make sure you have a look on to see what climate action strikes and events are taking place in your area and demand action!

The Empowered Atom will participate in the Climate Strike in New York City, joining Greta Thunberg in marching to demand real action by our world leaders. The day also marks and remembers the second anniversary of Hurricane Maria, which destroyed many lives in Puerto Rico. A hint of what climate change could mean to our societies in the short term. The march will include speeches and performances that highlight the importance of immediate Climate Action.

On Saturday, the first ever UN Youth Climate Action Summit will take place at the UN Headquarters in Manhattan - a revolutionary day in climate policy. I have been selected to participate and join others young activists, entrepreneurs and changemakers who are committed to combatting climate change. In the afternoon we will get a chance to engage with world leaders and ask them the questions young people have been dying to ask. Find out how you can get involved too on

This week, leading up to the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit on Monday, is so key to our battle against climate change. It connects young people, scared and fighting for the future, to our current leaders - giving us opportunity to shape the future of the world together.


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